Enterprise-grade Blockchain Solution

About Us

MergeCommit, a software company, provides blockchain-based products and services to companies around the world.

By 2025, we envision to be the most successful and well-respected blockchain company in Southeast Asia serving millions of users and thousands of companies from different industries world-wide.

Core Values

Collaboration - We work together as a teamCompetence - We efficiently get the work doneProcess-driven - We think strategicallyInnovation - We create revolutionary ideas

Products & Services

Our company focuses on providing blockchain-based products and services to the B2B market.


Distributed Cryptocurrency Exchange

Andromeda is a distributed cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows businesses to launch their own exchange and trade between different Andromeda-powered exchanges.


  • Order Matching Engine
  • Order Book (Limit & Market Orders)
  • Admin Panel
  • Configurable Fees
  • API (supports REST and GraphQL)
  • Cloud-hosted

  • Market Liquidty
  • Cash-in and out options
  • Legal Compliance
  • Cerberus Program

    Blockchain R&D

    Allocate time to deeply learn your industry, develop proof of concepts, explore ideas, and build prototypes.

    MergeCommit's Cerberus Program is perfect for companies looking to explore possibilities of their business using DLT (distributed ledger technology).


  • Hyperledger Fabric Development
  • Ethereum Smart Contract Development
  • Product Prototyping (with front-end integration)

  • Telecommunications
  • Ride Sharing
  • Banking
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Education
  • Loyalty/Rewards
  • Public Notaries
  • ...and 38 more.
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