We are an enterprise DLT software and solutions provider.

MergeCommit, a company that provides blockchain-based products & services aims to mobilize the utilization of blockchain technologies for companies around the world.

Founder & CEO

James Florentino

James pioneered the first bitcoin OTC exchange in the Philippines in 2013 that was successfully acquired in 2015. He is an early adopter of bitcoin starting in 2011, two years after the genesis block was mined.

James is a software developer with a penchant for business and product development. Through MergeCommit, he magnifies his efficiency in building and operating scalable software for clients globally.

James is passionate about the web3.0 vision of a decentralized world.

Head of Legal Compliance

Atty. Luis Martin Tan

Atty. Luis has been a legal practitioner for seven (7) years where he specializes in taxation and corporate law.

As a solo practitioner, he expanded his practice to include labor, capital-raising, and dispute resolution. He has since branched out to IT, Fintech, and data privacy.

Atty. Tan heads the initiative to ensure that blockchain-based applications developed by MergeCommit are compliant with existing and forthcoming laws and regulations.

Senior Backend Engineer

Jethro De Guzman

Jethro specializes in backend software development both in Elixir and Python. He is in charge of optimizations and software architecture improvements.

Blockchain Researcher

Angelo Suinan

Angelo is part of MergeCommit's R&D for Blockchain Tech - Cerberus. He contributes by researching and developing microservices for the SEG.

Business Analyst

Elisa Mondido

Elisa is part of the project management office. Her critical role revolves around the quality and documentation of the end product of the SEG.

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Our Offerings

White-label Platform

We develop and sell licensed white-label virtual currency exchange and payment platforms that are scalable, fast and fault-tolerant.

Software Maintenance

We offer annual maintenance that allows you to have incremental updates, a level of technical support and other benefits.

Blockchain Consulting & Development

We provide a complete end-to-end managed service with a flexible pricing plan.

Platform Operations Outsourcing

Aside from being the developer and solutions provider of the platform, we also offer platform operations management as a service.