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Multi-tenant Platform

Launch many exchanges under different brands.

If you are in the business of doing multiple ICOs for different industries, this platform is the solution.

  • Launch multiple ICO exchanges under one ownership
  • Allow each ICO exchange to have their own domain name and UX
  • Allow order matching to occur between the ICO exchanges seamlessly
  • All trading fees will be consolidated to one owner account
Global order matching system

All buy and sell orders of exchanges goes through a global order matching system.

By utilizing the multi-tenancy and interlinked nature of exchanges, it increase the chances of orders being matched in the network. If exchange "A" has more sellers, and exchange "B" has more buyers, the system will match them together.

Shared Liquidity

Your exchange will be connected to liquidity providers within the Andromeda network.

With Andromeda, you will immediately have an exchange and the liquidity. Your exchange will be linked to the other exchanges in the network.

Integration of Blockchain networks

ERC20, NEP5, and Stellar Tokens

An ICO requires a liquid market. We support the most popular blockchain networks available in the world.

Banking Solution

Connect your exchange to our fiat gateway partners that will provide fiat-backed tokens.

We partnered with stablecoin gateway providers that your customers can use to convert their cash to stablecoins.

White-label. Customizable. Beautiful.

Customize your exchange according to your brand.

We provide you with a starter pack web application that you can customize by tweaking its CSS and React components. It is designed with a UX-centric perspective while also allowing flexibility.

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Pluggable to KYC Providers

You have the option to integrate with multiple KYC providers.

You will not be limited to one KYC provider. You will have the option to integrate your exchange to various KYC providers that will help you verify the identity of your customers.

Product Roadmap and updates

You will be notified of future technology roadmap.

Once you become a subscriber, you will be periodically notified of future releases to allow you to plan your marketing efforts in advance.

Licensing Options

We offer variable licensing options that fit your requirements

Types of licenses:


Launch your own exchange without getting burdened by huge upfront costs. Ideal for ICO projects on a budget.


Operate as a standalone exchange without the interlinked liquidity. Ideal if you have existing developers who can manage it for you. There are two types of standalone licenses:

  1. Annual. You can use the software for 12 months
  2. Lifetime. You can use the software forever


Do you plan to launch multiple exchanges in different regions? This licensing option allows you to launch and operate your own private network of exchanges.

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