Blockchain R&D

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The Cerberus Program

Cerberus is an end-to-end DLT consulting and solutions development service that allows you to start from basic consulting up to production launch.

In a nascent technology like blockchain, it’s often difficult to figure out how to utilize and integrate it in your current business without overly disrupting. This is where our blockchain consulting and development arm, Cerberus, comes in.

Level 1 / 5

Blockchain Consulting & Research

We will counsel and advise you on blockchain strategies

Have a better understanding of blockchain with our experienced blockchain consultants. Working with professionals will save you time and cost

  • Provide quality answers on questions regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchain
  • Inform and advice on appropriate blockchain technologies
  • Provide diagrams and workflows if necessary
  • 0-4 hours response time during business days
Level 2 / 5

Research & Prototype Development

We will create prototypes and proofs of concepts for you

Our team will study your business & idea to implement it with blockchain technology. We will come up with prototypes so you can have an idea of how your business will run on blockchain.

  • Included Consulting
  • Spend time and resources understanding your industry
  • Provide advice on which blockchain technology is appropriate for your business
  • Prototype proof of concepts
Level 3 / 5

Minimum Viable Product Development

We will develop a new product for you

You have the idea, we have the experience and technology. Our team will build the platform you need for your business.

  • Included Consulting
  • Conduct project-planning once a prototype from the previous stage has been selected
  • Develop the product with API documentation
  • Develop the product with front-end UI
  • Develop the product with a FSD (functional specification document)
Level 4 / 5

Product Testnet Maintenance

We will develop and operate the product for you

Once a version 1 of a product is done and completed, you can then have a BETA version that allows your users to test your product.

Testnet EnvironmentThis level will allow you to share your newly built product to your stakeholders before deploying to actual production.

  • Included Consulting
  • A dedicated maintenance team for a non-production environment
  • Perform continuous bug fixes and optimizations
  • Maintain infrastructure health
  • Tech Support
Level 5 / 5

Product Mainnet Maintenance

Launch to Production

When the product is ready to run, we can help you maintain it smoothly.

Mainnet Environment

  • Included Consulting
  • A dedicated maintenance team for a production environment with real customers
  • Perform continuous bug fixes and optimizations
  • Maintain infrastructure health
  • Tech Support
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